Stay With Me, Remain With Me Here

The chant, “Bleibet hier, Stay With Me,” has been a haunting backdrop for me this week. Serious illness and painful life transitions in my faith community and family have called me to hold vigil with those whom I love. With Marge Piercy in her poem, “Gracious Goodness” I ask, “Why is there nothing/I have ever done with anybody/that seems to me so obviously right” than to hold vigil with others? Stay with me. Remain here with me. Watch and pray. Watch and pray.

And now my sister-in-law is finally at the end of her agonizing journey through Alzheimer’s. She is in hospice at a memory care facility three short miles from me. Stay with me, remain here with me. My vigil candle ablaze, I look toward her care unit and send light. An adaptation of the Loving Kindness prayer finds its way to Phyllis on each breath I send:

May you be safe from harm.
May you be free from fear.
May you be released from pain.
May you pass into light in peace.
I love you, Phyllis.
May I let you go with joy.

There is solace for me in this commingling of spirits. 

Long Time No See

Dear Faithful Readers,

…and a heartfelt welcome to newcomers. It’s been a long while since we’ve mused together. COVID and it’s fallout have taken a great deal of energy, hasn’t it? It’s good to come home.

Things I have been learning:

  • I’d rather get through old age with a cat companion than without. She reminds me that life is more than about me.
  • How to let go of friends and their dear ones as they transition to another life.
  • I have clay feet.
  • There is hope in a new generation of spiritual companions.

Things I look forward to learning: Stay Tuned

“There is a huge silence inside each of us that beckons us into itself, and the recovery of our own silence can begin to teach us the language of heaven.” ~ Meister Eckhart