Standing the Test of Time: Aging Organically

Standing the test of time



Head burrows in hand
Elbows sink in shallow sand,
Sagging skin flails into eternity,
Chewed-up guts of a lifetime spill out
Keeping time with the cosmic rhythm
Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock.

And in spite of it all
We endure.
We thrive.


© rita h kowats May 2015


I See You

I watched Avatar again last evening and luxuriated in the luminescence of Pandora.  The Na’vis’ greeting of “I see you,” moved me as it always does.  “I see you,” not “What’s up?”  I offer three vignettes of the phrase:


I  I see you.

Mom greets me from her station on the front steps
Where she weeds and waits.
“Honey.  Tony is gone.  He died today.
Tony sang his little heart out for and rita
I’m sorry.
I lay my loss down in the softness
Of her embrace,
Knowing that she saw me.







II.  I See You.

We shared song and soul,
Discourse and discovery.
Then we set sail separately
To save our respective worlds.

I had not knownroman collar with eyes overlay
We were in love until the energy
In our farewell ignited the truth
Living in our eyes.
A bittersweet moment of sheer joy
Imprinted on the genes of our souls
Left to shape us separately even now.
I see you.



III.  I see you.

Innocent on-looker to T.V. reporter:
“I’m not prejudiced,
Those people need to respect
Themselves more and not stoop
To such beliefs and actions.
I know you.  You’re me.
I see you.


© rita h kowats 2015