The Meaning of Becoming a Wolf in a Dream (or are you a dream werewolf?)

I offer you this feast of thought from Amy Campion at The Dream Well in this week of the thin veil. I encourage all of us to walk on the spiritual wild side.

The Dream Well

Becoming a wolf in a dream can be a profoundly transformative experience Becoming a wolf in a dream can be a profoundly transformative experience

Welcome to the first of our Halloween specials!  This post is a follow up to the very popular post about “Wolf in a dream,” here on the Dream Well, and is inspired by several people I wish to thank, notably Roger Brantes and “Thepotatokiller” (a commenter), but to all have commented on the original post and shared their mystical wolf dream experiences.  I wish to humbly thank you all for progressing my own wisdom.

After much musing and researching on the subject, I have come to realise that wolf dreams are often far more profound and significant than I had previously realised.  It is by far my most popular animal post on The Dream Well (though importantly, it is more relevant to people from Europe, North America and colonised countries than to peoples of other geographical regions…

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Down-and-Out in Downtown

homeless man in doorway


Down-and-Out in Downtown

I wait twenty minutes for the bus
To wisk me into a miasmic state
Of cowardly amnesia far away
From the man sleeping In the doorway
Of the Courtyard Marriott
Where I could get a room
And a swim for $249- if I wanted,
Wifi free.

© rita h kowats 2015


Story Recording:  “The Miser’s Slippers” by Shoshannah Brombacher


Shoshannah Brombacher’s story, “The Miser’s Slippers,” helps me to deal with my experience while waiting for the bus.  In her story Shoshannah stresses that the man is a miser. That he is rich seems secondary.  When we live miserly lives of attachment to material goods, we don’t see the poor.  As human beings, our call is to cultivate a practice of spiritual poverty, by holding our possessions and our status like feathers in our hand. This practice, over time, removes the scales over our eyes and allows us to understand and empathize, and ultimately share.  I call myself and the world community to this spiritual practice of being poor.