A Protection Ritual For Violent Times


My apartment building is a microcosm of contemporary American culture. The mood is taut. Recently the thin thread connecting us snapped. A disgruntled resident became violent and police and aid units responded. The attacker was taken to jail. The police found guns in his apartment.

At first I was quite shaken by the incident, even if I did not witness it. That violent energy had invaded my home. I wanted to run away, but where could I go? I had no illusion that a nonviolent utopia existed anywhere in this sleepy suburb. So I had to extend the protection I do for myself to all the residents in this building.  I walked the halls while silently praying the protection. I continue praying it from within my own apartment.

This morning as a miasma of violent energy gathers on the borders of Ukraine, I surround it with this protection. May it be a help for you as well.

Protection Ritual

I call on the Light Bearers

All holy spirit-filled souls and angels.

Surround me with your light. Cast it around me, above, below, before, behind me.

Light within and through me. Light showing me my wounds, cauterizing and healing them.

Be a boundary around me.

Repel violent energy.

Welcome the greatest good..

May it be so.