The Other Eye: A Dreampoem

eye of horus2

Sunday December 8, 2013


What seemed silly upon awakening has become an awakening:

There is an eye in my left leg, below the knee.  It bulges out, making walking difficult.  I know it is an eye, because it feels like the one they removed from my right leg last year.  It keeps vigil from the top of my dresser in the bedroom.  I feel both anxious and eager as I await the extraction.  I walk into the pure white lab and climb onto a table.  Technicians sedate me and when I come out of it they hand me the eye, which is entirely unlike the eye on the dresser in the bedroom.  That eye is just an ordinary eye, while the extraordinary nature of this eye dazzles and delights.  It is the Eye of Horus, resplendent in violet and lapis and gold.  I leave the lab carrying the eye in my outstretched hand.


The Other Eye

We get by with
The faithful ordinary eye…
Let that sleeping dog lie!
Why risk exposing
The Other Eye?

Sheathes the sacred eye in a
Safe shroud, away from
Mocking taunts and response-ability,
Deaf to neighbors’ silent pleas to
Restore second-sight
To their first eyes.

Grace intervenes, and
The Other Eye becomes
Too overwhelming to contain.
Integrity replaces fear.
We carry the gift in our
Extended hands,
Inviting.  Challenging.

©  2013   rita h. kowats