Truth Power


I Ching Oct. 17,2016

“What has been weak is ascending…
goodness in human nature is like the dim but beautiful early morning light.”

On Thursday, October 13, 2016,  Michelle Obama responded to the allocations of sexual harassment made against Donald Trump.  The effect of her words still reverberate today because Mother Michelle lifted up her stong, tall frame and swayed across deep desert recesses picking up the abandoned pieces of our dark experiences as she went.  She called them by name and redeemed them with the power of her truth and love.

Here is a taste of her power:

It has shaken me to the core in a way I couldn’t have predicted.

I feel it so personally.

It is cruel.  It is frightening.  And the truth is it hurts.

We as women
We as Americans
We as decent human beings
Can come together to stand up and say,

A Spiritual Practice for Developing Satyagraha, Truth Power

(For Gandhi satyagraha was more than a movement of nonviolent resistance.  The word comes from Hindi to Sanskrit.  sat= being  satya= truth  graha= fervor or power.)

In my deepest being, my Self, I am strong.

Breathing in            I rest in being.
Breathing out         I release fear
Breathing in            I am true
Breathing out         I release deception
Breathing in            I am powerful
Breathing out         I release doubt
Breathing in            I am peace
Breathing out         I send peace.

May it be so.


photo credit: Patrick_Down <a href=”″>Morning mist (312/365)</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

The Impossible Dream is Possible



I have to believe that we have it in our power to diffuse this miasma of  hate and despair that holds the American electorate in its grip.  We must protect our souls from its onslaught in these final days of the campaign and in the aftermath.  Pray protection prayers.  Surround ourselves with images and actions that exude positive energy. Avoid media binges.

One Positive image

The Impossible Dream
To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go
To write the unrightable wrong
[1]To be better far than you are[1]
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star
This is my quest, to follow that star
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far
[2]To be willing to give when there’s no more to give[2]
[3]To be willing to die so that honor and justice may live[3]
And I know if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm when I’m laid to my rest
And the world will be better for this
That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star

Songwriters: Joe Darion / Mitchell Leigh
The Impossible Dream lyrics © Helena Music Company

Enjoy this youtube delight.

My Front Yard




Yesterday I watched a man make his home at the bench along the Interurban trailhead across from my apartment. First he emptied his black plastic bag onto the grass and draped his clothes over the railing to release three days of rain. Then he sat on the bench and basked in the welcome sun. Thirty minutes later he moved on to another home.

Last week I watched a man pace furiously up and down the same trail while shouting and articulating to an unseen listener….Unseen to me.

I live in a large, thriving suburb north of Seattle Washington. News coverage of our area focuses on the boom in technology and the influx of workers it brings, along with the construction needed to house them. Come to Seattle, the heart of  Amazon, where few people can afford the rent much less a mortgage. Come to Seattle where downtown has become a parade of Effie Trinket puppets, strings pulled by capitalism run amuck.

So what do I do about the daily drama unfolding in my front yard? Eyes wide open. Don’t t turn away. Be compassionate. Be an advocate. Above all, live simply so that these “others” can not simply live, but thrive. That’s what it means to tend to the common good.

Let Go of Letting Go

marionette woman

Letting Go of Letting Go

My puppets’ strings lie limp
Against their hardened bodies
Which hang on walls
In the foyers of their souls…

Until I barge in
To yank and pull and prod:

“You should let go of that passion- too sensitive.
“You should let go of your desire to save the world.”
“You should let go of your frenetic pace.”

Detach the strings.

Welcome zealots and compassionate warriors
Into sacred space where they are free
To live from this moment
Into another moment.

Let go of your need to let go.
Live.  No strings attached.

© rita h kowats 6-9-16

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Making a Case for LEISURE

Leisure the word

Now that I am retired…

I have leisure to paint my nails to complement my cat’s fur as I pet him.  leisure nail paint on sherlock

I have leisure to solve jigsaw puzzles while contemplating the BBC Newshour.

leisure jigsaw puzzle

I have the leisure to read The Danish Girl  simultaneously flipping in and out of Saint Google to learn more about the real lives of these extraordinary women.

I have the leisure to stroll alongside Puget Sound shooting thought-provoking photos.

Leading to Nowhere for leisure post


I have the leisure to write for uninterrupted hours dipping into soul depth only to emerge in the welcome reality of holy mundanity.

I have the leisure to listen to the spaces between words instead of riding on their persistent melody.

I have the leisure to listen to the subtle whispers of Spirit missed while caught in the throes of THE BRAND.

I make a case for leisure.  I make a case for luxuriating in the leisure of 70.  It is not given to me to pretend that it is the new 60.  At last I can breathe. So I will.

SoulHouse Meditation

Thank you for your presence here.  Before you journey on this guided meditation you may want to immerse yourself in this lovely, brief video:

The lighthouse

 It is dusk. You are walking on a path to a lighthouse (pause). You draw closer to the lighthouse and look up at

e02f6f23999975aea6f5195982c8274f.jpg in the storm

it. (pause). You enter it and begin to climb the stairs – up and up… and arrive at the top (pause). 15b30583b0a6198bc5bef79a5ea8d867.jpg staircase 2Outside, it is dark now… you see the beam of light, as it rotates (pause). Now it shines on a particular place (pause). You look, you see what it illuminates…’


~ Art Therapy Exercises: Inspirational and Practical Ideas to Stimulate the Imagination Kindle Edition by Liesl Silverstone

My Meditation

SoulHouse Lighthouse meditation light in space

Off on a distant dune a lighthouse stands watch as if it waits for me.  I pause expectantly at the stable siren hoping to hear a summons.  The door is a seasoned wall of chinks that creaks its displeasure when I push it open. The draft from cracked windows at the top of a serpentine staircase sucks me upward, the sound a call uttered and echoed beyond time.  I am home, harbored from the buffets of ego storms.  Up, up, I wind retracing steps taken in spirit womb until the radiant beam at the crown makes its rounds catching me in a different light with each rotation.

Wind breaking through window cracks chills my body, while outside efferent clouds open an indigo space illumined fleetingly by the next rotation of the light.  I hear a familiar voice with an invitation riding on its timbre, “Come through.”  Trepidation ambushes exhilaration because I recognize the voice.  I recognize the space.  For now it is enough to contemplate the light; when I have become the light I shall come through.

My Cat Is My Spiritual Guide


Sherlock Portrait 3-22-16



My human spiritual guide is quite the cat’s meow, but my cat is also quite a guide. Sometimes Sherlock is a sleepy sleuth. Other times he attacks birds flitting across my tablet screen.  He waits for me to stir In the spare morning hours then butts me with his head, the steam engine purring a clear message,”Feed me!” I hear the words of Jesus, “Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.” Why do I hesitate to ask for what I need? My cat-guide teaches, “Don’t just ask, demand!”

Mr. Holmes rests peacefully on my lap as I muse, undisturbed by outside noise or inside angst.  Vulnerable and trusting he accepts each stroke of my hand and the love which accompanies them.  His simple, open spirit invites me to let go of constant activity and communication and to rest securely in my center.  The ability to do that calls for a self-acceptance unfettered by the need to prove myself with frantic feats of competence.  This feline companion is a cat of immense proportion who readily throws his weight around with the confidence of a majestic Leo.  No “Snagglepuss” is he.  Yet…he rests. He is vulnerable. He trusts.

Sherlock open and vulnerable

Animals are mirrors for us.  We will find spiritual guidance in them if we learn how to look for it.

Please enjoy the attached video in the context of the cat as spiritual director.  A friend of a friend posted it on Facebook with the caption, “This cat could be my spiritual director.”  I saved it and whenever I need a belly laugh, I pull it out of my bookmarks.  Enjoy!



Prophet Passages

canyon  photo pin photo credit a Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly National Monument near Chinle, Navajo Nation, Arizonaa via a href=httpphotopin.comphotopina a hr

The Exile Symbolized: Ezekiel 12:1-16

This mime of the prophet Exekiel has an urgent message for us today.  Our world seems to be in spiritual exile.  Go forth.


The Call

Prophet  Seers Face East
Feet firmly planted in soulplace.

Blessing bags shouldered,
They chafe at the bit, ears tuned
To catch astral whispers riding
The downdrafts of possibility.

Prophet  Seers Face East
Spirit nipps at their heels
Her sedulous bay echoes
Through labyrinthine chasms
Of exile driving them forth.

The call catches up.
Soulplace delivers seasoned exiles
Whose eyes are fixed ever east.

© rita h kowats 2016


photo credit a Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly National Monument near Chinle, Navajo Nation, Arizonaa via a href=httpphotopin.comphotopina a href=httpscreativecommons.orglicensesby-sa2.0(license)a



Wake Up!

washelli cemetery


I have honored the place of synchronicity in my life for a very long time.  Five years ago my explanation of Carl Jung’s theory was met with incomprehension, so I gave my companion the example of Jung’s scarab beetle on the window sill.  The beetle made a ruckus just as Jung’s client related her dream about a scarab bracelet.  Jung brought the beetle to her and said, “Here is your beetle.”  When I finished the story my companion reached into her bag and pulled out a photo of a beetle which she had taken the day before.  “And here is your beetle,” she said.

Now, I thought this experience was a bit astounding…until Halloween week, the time of the Thin Veil.  It was the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 28 when my bus took me past Washelli Cemetery, as it always does.  Thirty minutes after I settled back into my apartment the phone rang.  A telemarketer for Washelli Cemetery.  My cremation is already paid for, thank you very much.  I barely had time to recover and the phone rang again.  A telemarketer from a different cemetery.  Before this I had never received such calls.

Yesterday I learned that if my friend dies before I do, some inheritance will come to me.  This person enjoys good health at this time, but I am momentarily unsettled and wary.

Coincidence?  That would be a valid interpretation.  I imagine that such phone solicitation is stepped up Halloween week (imagine having that job). But these synchronous events say something different to me.  They say, “Pay attention.”  That’s all.  Let go of the panic to figure it all out and control it.  Watch and wait.  I begin my day with this prayer:

Divine Spirit moving through the universe,
I open myself to the possible connections you put before me today.  I will pay attention and facilitate the connections as I am able. May it be so.  Amen.

And the hits just keep on coming.  You may enjoy this recent award-winning film, “What Is Synchronicity?”:

Have You Heard? Pass the Word.

WW Ride the Waves with Us



Do you live in the Seattle area, USA?  Do you know someone who does?  Come to the next gathering of the worship community at Welcoming Waters, October 18, and pass the word.  We are growing in number and our intention is clear:  healing and spiritual nourishment in a loving and inclusive environment.

Welcoming Waters is a gathering of people who seek to hear the message the spirit is speaking through one another. Many of us were asked to leave religious institutions because we revealed our authentic selves. Some of us told our worshiping community that we were members of the GLBT community, others of us expressed our doubts, and some of us expressed an understanding of faith that was outside the borders of the church we were attending. When we were all ushered to the door, formally, or subtlety of those communities, we found that the Spirit of love, the Spirit of God, the insights of our faiths did not stop working in our lives or teaching us profound truths. We simply lost a place to talk about them.

We are so blessed to be able to gather at the beautiful Lake Ballinger Community Center five miles north of Seattle on the third Sunday of the month at 10:30 and like the great blue heron who finds herself on the shores of Lake Ballinger, we wait and wade in the waters of the Spirit together.

If you sense the spirit has something to say but you have not found a safe place to express those words, or if you are seeking a faith gathering that will accept all of you, we invite you to come to our gathering.

We will gather again on October 18 at Lake Ballinger Community Center 1030am.
All are welcome.


WW step into the healing waters with us


If you would like to talk to someone before attending please email
Pastor Linda Roddis
Rita kowats, MA Theology

Mountlake Community Center
23000 Lakeview Drive
Mountlake Terrace WA 98043

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: <a href=”“>Surfer</a> via <a href=”“>photopin</a> <a href=”“>(license)</a>