My Nominees For Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


I am so grateful to Mo, the Crazy Crone at the, for nominating me for this award.  Her blog has inspired me on bright days and dreary days and I always learn something profound and something delightfully silly. It is a pleasure to share cyberspace with these other creative and honest sisters along the way.  I invite you to visit their blogs and be assured that you are in for a treat.

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award Criteria
◾ Thank the person who nominated you.
◾ Share 7 things about yourself.
◾ Nominate 7 bloggers for this Award
◾ Include award logo within your blog post


An Intentional Wildness                          


Lake Superior Spirit                                

Cats and Chocolate                                     

Bees, C’s, and D’s                                          

Journal With Sue                                         

Cave Dweller: Alone in a Social World


Not Just a Blonde                                        

Sorting It Out                                               

Answer these ten questions…

Your favourite colour ….the fluorescent green worn by jungle parrots flashing through the trees

Your favourite animal… my Rosie Posie, of course, the most fastidious, fickle feline in the world.

Your favourite non-alcoholic drink ….tomato juice, especially when I need an electrolyte fix.

Facebook or Twitter …. love FB because I keep up with nieces and nephews far away.

Your favourite pattern …..the spiral of the nautilus shell invites me into deep places.

Do you prefer getting or giving presents?…when I make something lovely for someone I can barely wait to give the gift.

Your favourite number …I could be theological and say 7, the perfect number, but it’s 8 and I have no idea why.

Your favourite day of the week …Sunday is my day to be nurtured by my Mennonite companions at such a rich service.  I love it.

Your favourite flower ….Pink and violet Christmas cacti, because they make me hope in a dark time.

What is your passion?....My passion jumps out on the pages I write like a lover of long faithful standing.  Give me pen and paper and I am ecstatic.

*I spelled favorite, “favourite” the British way because I am under the spell of the Crazy Crone.

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