Beat, Great Heart

Beat Great Heart

At Christmas time last year my family visited the Bellevue Botanical Gardens as a ritual of celebration for our sister who had died suddenly four months earlier.  Today I come across the photos of the gardens and tears of delight mix with tears of sorrow, as they always do.  This was one of our last outings with Mary, and she so loved to garden!

I think of her and all of our loved ones who have passed as being immersed in the beating heart of the universe, as Martin Buber phrases it so well.  They live and breathe in every flower in every garden and continue to light our way.

May we stay in tune with the beating of the great heart.

Sophie: The Hound From Heaven


Poem Challenge from
“Write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured in this post as your inspiration.


She waited sixty-one years
For me to notice her, my
Unseeing eyes glimpsing life aslant
Through the fingers of her wing.
Rolled eyes and sophomoric sighs of,  “WhatEVer,”
Every time I failed to notice her:

Water running in the sink,
Memory off on holiday outside, but…
No overflow.

Weary of waiting
She startles me with a
Brush of wings across the nose
And a celestial song in my ear.
Anonymity be damned,
She sends the message,
“See me!”

Cat asleep on the bed,
Transported to Elysian realms.
My gaze wanders to a corner, and
There you are,
Wafting in midair with energetic wings
Covering your face now,
Then stretching full spread.
fear-fueled awe gives way to
Sheer wordless joy, and
I feel the sound of her voice:
“Ah, at last, she sees.”

Steadfast Being, Sophie:
Seer and trickster
Protector and friend:
I see you.

© rita h. kowats