Spiritual Companion Ministry

 “But her great gift in her action-packed life was she was always paying attention. And from the time she started writing her books and her poetry, what she was basically doing was calling our attention to the things she’d been paying attention to. ”

Bill Clinton Eulogy for Maya Angelou


Welcome to Spirituality Without Borders.  I hope that this will be a place where you can think and feel freely about what matters to you and to those whom you love.  Peaceful feelings are not guaranteed.  I shake things up for myself, so that will spill over to you.  My writing emerges from my own meditation, and I share what the Spirit prompts me to post.  Meister Eckhart says, “The preacher must beg the word of God from the people.”  As I write, I ask for the words which bring us both insight and healing.  I welcome dialogue.  Having retired from teaching theology, I now appreciate more solitude. The life of medieval anchoresses, such as Julian of Norwich, describe my life well.  From my little anchorage-apartment in the Seattle area, I continue to work as a spiritual guide. My blog ministry has evolved into a vigil I hold for souls when they are unable to come home, including my own soul.  I pay attention to the spaces between our words.  President Clinton’s eulogy for Maya Angelou describes well what I aspire to allow the Spirit to do through me.  My Seattle Mennonite church Community nourishes and prods me to keep at least one foot firmly in this world. I am very grateful for this unusual and profound group of people.  My fellow bloggers are fast becoming a powerful community as well.   If you are committed to your spiritual development and desire to walk with a seasoned companion, you can contact me at soulseeing@gmail.com

You can listen to an interview with me about my spiritual journey on this podcast:


Welcome to you from Rita Kowats


Seattle Opera House

Waiting and excited to see CarmenFlowersAndSympathy_SingleStem_SingleRedRose-510x515

23 thoughts on “Spiritual Companion Ministry

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. So you are retired…God bless you! I hope you find much joy and may you find peace in your solitude. Will be remembering you in thoughts and prayers


  2. You have an interesting site–it does speak volumes. As one who was brought a Catholic–it is at times painful to acknowledge it to those who may not completely understand the my motives. You are a welcome ‘island of peace’ in an otherwise chaotic cyber world. Peace


    • Jack, welcome. It is very thoughtful of you to take this time to read and express your thoughts with care and sincerity. I look forward to meeting you in the spaces between the words.

      Sent from my Kindle Fire



  3. well, as one who is spiritual, but no longer has much tolerance for religion, i too like to stir things up. i can get on with a kindred spirit, so consider me following and soon to check your blog out thoroughly. peace. bob

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    • Thank you, Paul. How kind of you to respond. I do love this process, and the insight it brings me about my own human frailties and strengths. Thank you for following. I look forward to meeting you again in the spaces between the words.

      On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 10:40 AM, Spirituality Without Borders: Reflections


  4. I am pleased to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award – AGAIN? Congratulations! — Jen (I won’t hold you to the rules, just wanted to say thanks for all your good work!)


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