The Caboose

“… the lead bird isn’t an alpha bird, he explained, it’s just the one that assumes temporary wind duty, and when it gets tired, it flies to the back of the pack, where it may straggle while regaining strength. “If you’re the guy in front, you can only stay there so long,” he said. “Recovery may take awhile.” In the meantime, a new bird moves in.

“The Goose that flies at the back of the pack is just getting some rest”  by Mary Schmich


The Caboose

(On seeing geese fly in “V” formation)

Ahh. It’s my turn.
Not that I regret flying in the front;
I’m tired.
There’s less to do now
More to be.
There’s less to say now
More to hear.

I relish the sacred energy of the “V”
That carries me now,
“wind duty” done.
Such is life and death
And life again.

c. Rita H Kowats 3/14/2021

6 thoughts on “The Caboose

  1. Rita, this speaks so much truth for me and my journey at this time. I have definitely moved to the tail to rest. The animal world always amazes me with their support of each other. We could learn so much from them if we only payed attention.

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  2. Oh Rita, this certainly spoke to me! I am so happy to be a caboose at this time in my life! Thanks! Bruce and I will be moving to Franke Tobey Jones in April…. still independent living….and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Warmly, Paula



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