Hands Out Of Pockets: A Call To Justice



Hand tucked casually in pocket
While knee on neck snuffs out
The breath of another human being.
Just business as usual
In the neighborhood.


The spiritual life is not
A casual meandering
Down a safe garden path.
Our path must diverge into acts of justice
Lest the spiritual life become self-serving.
Take your hand out of your pocket.



c. rita h kowats 6-2-20









Photo Credit:  Facebook/Darnella Frazier/AFP via Getty Images in the NY Post

3 thoughts on “Hands Out Of Pockets: A Call To Justice

  1. And the other three just watched and waited! What were they waiting for? It’s unbelievable!

    And that was the reality, on top of the clips from Crash — those are still haunting me too. I think that was one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen!

    Thank you (I think) for hitting us in the face with the horror of our culture. We need to see, and hear the voices of agony, and join in the suffering, and support those who work for change.

    Bless you, Rita. Paula


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