A Spirituality Of Aging


I stand here
Outside of myself
And watch as I commence
the journey
Into venerable vulnerability-
At least that’s what the young call it;
It doesn’t feel venerable yet.

I watch with surprise
That this old body that once
Could stave off
All manner of ailment
Bouncing back stronger,
Now fights a succession of infections
On a pilgrimage to commune
With the bones
Of my once stately cathedral.

I stand here
Outside of myself
And watch as I
Cry through the loss
Like an ancient willow wailing
Over limbs taken by thankless winds.
I feel the phantom sensations
Of my coveted limbs tingle
With strength, endurance and joy.

If I stand here
Outside of myself long enough
I will see green-leafed limbs
Poke through the paneless windows
Of my bone cathedral,
Stretching toward
patience, acceptance and resignation.

I stand here
Outside of myself
Awestruck by this holy episode
We call life.

c. Rita H Kowats May 18, 2020

Photo Credit: Wikipedia  Commons

10 thoughts on “A Spirituality Of Aging

  1. Your poem called out to me once more this morning. As I was making a (very slow) start to the day , I was reflecting on how different it used to be when morning came and all I had to do was unthinkingly throw my legs off the bed and simply get up! Those were the days, my friend! Next came the realisation that if my physical body at times may feel like a prison, in my Soul I am free! Next, I went searching for the book by Brad Steiger by the same title which I had read many years ago. “Why now?” I asked myself, searching through the many bookshelves without success only to accept that, as it does happen, I probably gave it to someone who wanted to read it. But I was curious now, so I Googled the title and obtained a downloadable copy from Open Library. I shall now re-read it after all these years and return once again after I have understood the connection. Love connecting with you across the miles💙


      • You welcome! I just got back from the hospital after having had a mild heart attack. Totally unexpected, but a gift in many ways after encountering so many loving and caring people throughout the day…nearly worth the hassles!!! I refused to stay in hospital, but I’ll be happy to return for further tests. I know my pooch wouldn’t like the sudden separation and I didn’t have time to prepare him 💙

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  2. it isn’t it. I woke up this morning with the same symptoms, but this time I was ready~ However I think that calls for a different plan. I may be out of contact for a few days…more adventures on the way!


    • Much gratitude. It takes so much work to get to that place, only to linger a while. I’ll be ready to step over when the time comes, to make the stay permanent!

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