Grounding Practice



Practice for Releasing Unwanted Energy


If you are a person who often sees more than you want to see, or who accrues unwanted, negative energy flung far and wide by others, you may find this spiritual practice helpful.

  • Take whatever position enables you to focus; I lie on my back with one hand on my abdomen and the other on my heart.
  • Find a rhythm to your breathing, breathing in peace and exhaling anxiety.
  • Now do a scan of your body and aura to find and root out all negative, unwanted energy which has lodged itself and affected your quality of life. There is no need to analyze or name the energies; no doubt you have already done that too much, only creating more unwanted energy.
  • Start with your brain, imagining that you are going in with your hands and manually untangling the unwanted energy. It might be like removing seaweed and barnacles from a fishing net. As you seek and release, focus your attention by saying, “Untangling, releasing, untangling, releasing.” Breathe in peace and exhale negative energy.
  • With each piece of negative energy released, send it back down to the earth where it can be neutralized. I imagine a channel extending from my sacral bone into the earth. Send the energy down while saying, “Releasing, sending, releasing, sending.” Send it down with a great big “Woosh” of breath.
  • Continue scanning your body and aura, finding those places where unwanted energy likes to hide out. When you reach a place of balanced integrity, you are grounded.
  • Follow up with a cleansing ritual such as spritzing with water, or burning sage or incense.

May peaceful moments come and stay.










Photo Credit: Donna Coburn

3 thoughts on “Grounding Practice

  1. OH!! Rita!!!! this could not have come at ta better time!!! I gave a talk for AIDNW this evening, and let my ardor for the work we do get away from me. everyone said it was a good presentation, but i found mys3elf shaking on the drive home…….THIS will be waht i do before sleep tonight, THANK YOU!!!!

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  2. Rita,

    This exercise is just in time for me.

    My Hip surgery is October 21 at St. Clare’s in Lakewood.

    My surgeon is Dr. Joshua Johnston, a graduate of Bellarmine. You might have taught him.

    He uses robotics in the process. Gone to may classes and did my final pre-admit appts. on Friday.

    In the meantime, we plan funerals for Marie Murphy and Michele.

    Nora will be the Preacher Woman for Marie’s celebration of Life at SJR and Joyce has offered to preach for Michele’s.

    Thank you for Your Spiritual Practice Preaching.

    Blessings on your Autumn Days.

    Mary Pat


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