How the Universe Moved My Sofa and Changed My Life

Jen Payne offers us here a template for healthy spiritual living. I relate to the benefits of cleaning up and making our living space clear and spare with room for spiritual energy.

I hope you enjoy Jen’s writing and vision as much as I do.

This essay is 10 years old. In 2009, it was a finalist in the WOW! Women on Writing Fall Essay Contest sponsored by skirt! Books. All very cool then, all bears repeating again now because life is flow and change and lessons and this…


“The Universe is poking sticks at you,” my friend DeLinda consoled during a distraught phone call last May.

In the previous four weeks I’d been sick with the flu, diagnosed with osteoporosis, and discarded by my boyfriend. My computer crashed, leaving my business on hold with technical support for a week. A close friend moved away and my cat died — all while I was braving a twelve-month hormone treatment that induced menopause.

Poking sticks? This was a shock-and-awe assault.

The Universe can be pushy when she wants you to change. I just wasn’t getting the…

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