Mantras As Tools For Spiritual Growth



It should come as no surprise that much of what you read here has already been written elsewhere, for there really is “nothing new under the sun.” Thank you to the mystics and wonderers who go before me. What is new for each of us is the aha moment when we see a truth for the first time or when we peel away another layer so as to understand at greater depth.

For a few years I have used this mantra to stop the human flow of judgment and criticism,”God alive and we thrive.” If god is alive in the conversation, we thrive instead of being dragged down in a cloud of negative energy. I have found the mantra quite helpful until the other day when I had to deal with the incessant noise that accompanies city living and was given a new layer of meaning. I recalled a video of a Buddhist nun who used a bell to call her to mindfulness. She alluded to feeling so frustrated and impatient with the noise that kept her from mindfulness, and substituted the noise itself as the bell calling her to mindfulness. I began to consider the noise outside as a call to mindfulness and a different word came up, the word “presence.” My mantra became “Breathing in presence I release irritation. Breathing in presence I release unrest.” After a while the noise slipped away and I was gifted with a few moments of connection with the divine…much more satisfying than fixating on the noise of garbage trucks uploading!

Subsequently, other uses of the mantra have presented themselves to me. One day I fixated on the possibility of someone’s interference in my life. That negative energy did me no good at all, but this mantra transported me out of it, “Breathing in presence I release mistrust. Breathing in presence I release fear.” When we live in divine presence there is simply no space for negative energy. When we invite presence we are inviting the divine presence that lives in the other person to share space in our being.  It is like greeting someone with “Namaste, I greet the god in you.”

I invite you to try this mantra and share in a comment that will give all of us tools for our spiritual growth. Blessings be yours.




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4 thoughts on “Mantras As Tools For Spiritual Growth

  1. Thank you once again for wise, wise words! I love the mantra, “God alive. We thrive.” Some people are energized by city noise, but perhaps they don’t live in it? I have road noise behind my house (that I hear when I’m outside), not calming. I’m wondering if I could focus on all those drivers instead, focus on who is producing the noise (like the driver of the garbage truck)…..a mantra for that….I don’t have one…..


    • Thanks, Mary. I thought of this as I was swimming just now. It may help you to focus on the drivers. When we invite Presence we also invite the presence that lives in the other, so in a sense, we are saying “Namaste,” I greet the god in you.

      A mantra from Julian of Norwich may be one to send to the drivers, ” May all things be well with you.” You might also send them loving kindness (metta): “May you be safe from harm. May you be happy and peaceful. May you be strong and healthy. May you take care of yourself with joy.”

      Sending you love,


  2. Wonderful Rita. I love the part about the nun who substituted worldly noise with the sound of the bell calling her to mindfulness. I love mantra as well to bring you straight back to being present. It makes you feel held and safe under God. I feel so happy after reading this. Thank you my wonderful kindred spirit and have a great day. Anita


    • Good Morning, Anita. I am so glad we can connect through this post. Thank you for your response. It is sometimes stunning to me how very simple the spiritual life is. I hope you can enjoy your week end.



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