In Memory of 305 Sufi Souls



Yesterday, November 24, terrorists bombed the Sufi mosque al-Rawda in North Egypt.  They killed 305 women, men and children as they worshipped. Sufi mystics have long held a revered place in my heart.  Their knowledge and wisdom has taught me much and I grieve their deaths and the loss of their spiritual gifts to the world.

In honor of these fallen Sufis I offer this piece by their great mystic, Rumi:


Out beyond the worlds of Islam and Infidels,

there lies an egalitarian world
where no one is better, worse, or
more significant than the other.
If you’re interested in moving
to that unique world,
you need to first leave your heart and soul
as deposit with its Soul Master!


Rumi translated by


photo after attack credit:

photo before attack credit:




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