Held my eyes in the mirror this morning
As she spoke her stark truth.
My body has declined.
There is no bringing it back.
Now Is the time of adaptation.

Yesterday, walking the Interurban Trail,
Bikers shouted “Seventy is the new 60. You can do it!”
Dropping me in a whir of wheels and wind
As they passed.
My mind wanders to the memory of another bike ride-
The rush of river rapids
A whiff of mock orange transporting me
To someplace beyond myself,
Hair awry in the wind and thirty-year-old muscles
Giddy With endurance
As they close in on mile thirty.
Grief and gratitude ride the memory with me
Calling me back to the visitor
In the mirror.

Today I live in that place beyond myself
With seventy two-year-old muscles
Wrapped around arthritic bones,
And the heavenly scent
Of mock orange to keep me company.

© Rita H Kowats 2-3-17

Photo Credit: http://www.nwplants.com/business/catalog/phi_lew.html




4 thoughts on “Diminishment

  1. Rita, this is beautiful! And brings tears to my eyes — for you and for me. Your body may be fading, but your mind and spirit are oh, so alive and wise and wonderful! I thank God for you! And watch for your reflections so eagerly!

    I will be 80 (gasp) in April, which I still can’t believe, although my mirror doesn’t lie either. Fortunately I am still mostly healthy and active (despite some aches and pains) for which I am truly grateful. I am gradually learning about slowing down and letting go, and I’m anticipating that in June, when I will no longer be Associate Co-Director, it will become easier.

    Love you, Paula



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