The Phoenix



The Phoenix

Last night the Longest Night
Hunkered down into the comforting folds
Of darkness, holding light at bay
For just a few more seconds of incubation.

Today she commences
The season of sloughing
When her dark cocoon opens to light
Second by second until Daylight
Dazzles with sparks of the divine
Drawing her into soothing warmth
And the blast of the refiner’s fire.

© Rita H. Kowats 12-22-16

Photo Credit: Daniel Tran Cathedral of Light Sydney’s festival, Vivid Sydney

5 thoughts on “The Phoenix

  1. Interesting juxtaposition of light and opening of the cocoon, i.e. the light is bringing out the new form of life. I’ll sit with that and hope it can happen in/through me.

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  2. Love the poem – so true, isn’t it, this “season of sloughing.” Wonderful turns of phrase in this. “Refiner’s fire”- yes, but let’s not rush it. I am more than happy to slough a little more. Happy Christmas, my friend!


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