The Thaw



The Thaw


Lifelines, once malleable networks of grace
Have become static tendrils stretched
In a circuitous highway to nowhere
No more kicks on route 66.

Lifelines freeze up without
Time, solitude and silence
To stoke the fire of grace
Waiting to thaw
The once intimate connections
Gone rigid with neglect.

Do you hear their call?


© Rita H Kowats 12-19-16

4 thoughts on “The Thaw

  1. Yes, Rita I hear the call. The call for me is the where are the voices of what we call ‘democracy’, when our sisters and brothers are being slaughtered in parts of the world? Our voices must be heard. Stop the killing…Life matters…what we do to those we can’t hear or see…we do to ourselves.


  2. I’m conscious of the tightening of muscles with the frigid temperatures and the tightening up of creativity with the entertainment of fears. Time, solitude, and silence do help tune in once more to what is really real.


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