Post Dallas Execution

three crows at a fountain

July 9, 2016

I watch three crows
Perched on the rim of a bird bath
Hear their caucus message
Loud and clear:

Boil, boil, toil and trouble
Trees and trolls and brambly rows
Make this water into wine
Else we die on this vine.

Sometimes the only sense is
No Sense

©rita h kowats 7-9-16




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4 thoughts on “Post Dallas Execution

  1. Rit,

    How true. Thanks for your reflection. I received an e-mai last week from Spirituality & Practice inviting me to sign up for a 21 day e-mail process about Living with Uncertainty. I have copied the e-mail down below.I did post your Facebook reflection by Jan Richardson. How Powerful.

    Thank you, Rita for your deep reflections. Much food for meditation and quiet solitude. Mary Pat

    21 Coping Strategies

    Lately during the noon meal at our community, we’ve been talking a lot about all the uncertainty in the world. The election. The suicide bombings. The stock market crash. The police shootings. Frankly, it is all very unsettling. But we know we are not alone.

    In fact, that’s how we get through our days: knowing that we are not the only ones deeply concerned about what is happening in our world. And also: knowing that we can freely talk about our feelings with kindred spirits.

    Now we want to broaden our community conversation and hear from YOU. Starting this Sunday, we will be running our 21-day program “Living with Uncertainty.” Each day we’ll send out a short passage and a practice suggestion for coping in these times. And then we will meet in the online Practice Circle (open 24/7) to talk about what helped — and even what didn’t. We are likely to be a diverse group, and certain practices will work better for some people than others. But talking about them will, we believe, always help.

    We invite you to join us. Just follow the link below and click the “Subscribe” button.

    Let’s get through these tough times together,

    Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

    Co-Directors, Spirituality & Practice


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