SoulHouse Meditation

Thank you for your presence here.  Before you journey on this guided meditation you may want to immerse yourself in this lovely, brief video:

The lighthouse

 It is dusk. You are walking on a path to a lighthouse (pause). You draw closer to the lighthouse and look up at

e02f6f23999975aea6f5195982c8274f.jpg in the storm

it. (pause). You enter it and begin to climb the stairs – up and up… and arrive at the top (pause). 15b30583b0a6198bc5bef79a5ea8d867.jpg staircase 2Outside, it is dark now… you see the beam of light, as it rotates (pause). Now it shines on a particular place (pause). You look, you see what it illuminates…’


~ Art Therapy Exercises: Inspirational and Practical Ideas to Stimulate the Imagination Kindle Edition by Liesl Silverstone

My Meditation

SoulHouse Lighthouse meditation light in space

Off on a distant dune a lighthouse stands watch as if it waits for me.  I pause expectantly at the stable siren hoping to hear a summons.  The door is a seasoned wall of chinks that creaks its displeasure when I push it open. The draft from cracked windows at the top of a serpentine staircase sucks me upward, the sound a call uttered and echoed beyond time.  I am home, harbored from the buffets of ego storms.  Up, up, I wind retracing steps taken in spirit womb until the radiant beam at the crown makes its rounds catching me in a different light with each rotation.

Wind breaking through window cracks chills my body, while outside efferent clouds open an indigo space illumined fleetingly by the next rotation of the light.  I hear a familiar voice with an invitation riding on its timbre, “Come through.”  Trepidation ambushes exhilaration because I recognize the voice.  I recognize the space.  For now it is enough to contemplate the light; when I have become the light I shall come through.

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