My Cat Is My Spiritual Guide


Sherlock Portrait 3-22-16



My human spiritual guide is quite the cat’s meow, but my cat is also quite a guide. Sometimes Sherlock is a sleepy sleuth. Other times he attacks birds flitting across my tablet screen.  He waits for me to stir In the spare morning hours then butts me with his head, the steam engine purring a clear message,”Feed me!” I hear the words of Jesus, “Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.” Why do I hesitate to ask for what I need? My cat-guide teaches, “Don’t just ask, demand!”

Mr. Holmes rests peacefully on my lap as I muse, undisturbed by outside noise or inside angst.  Vulnerable and trusting he accepts each stroke of my hand and the love which accompanies them.  His simple, open spirit invites me to let go of constant activity and communication and to rest securely in my center.  The ability to do that calls for a self-acceptance unfettered by the need to prove myself with frantic feats of competence.  This feline companion is a cat of immense proportion who readily throws his weight around with the confidence of a majestic Leo.  No “Snagglepuss” is he.  Yet…he rests. He is vulnerable. He trusts.

Sherlock open and vulnerable

Animals are mirrors for us.  We will find spiritual guidance in them if we learn how to look for it.

Please enjoy the attached video in the context of the cat as spiritual director.  A friend of a friend posted it on Facebook with the caption, “This cat could be my spiritual director.”  I saved it and whenever I need a belly laugh, I pull it out of my bookmarks.  Enjoy!



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