Combat Fatigue

soul card for combat fatigue


I was inspired by Amy’s Campion’s post this morning, “The Meaning of Locks in Dreams. ” She gives a variety of interpretations to the symbol which you might find helpful:


Combat Fatigue



Photo Credit:  Deborah Koff-Chapin has created  a technique she calls “touch drawing.”  She calls them “SOULCARDS.” They  come in two decks of 60 images and can be used alone or with others as reflection tools.  They have enriched my meditation for years and have helped those I companion with.  You can learn more at Deborah’s webpage

Photo Credit Sunrise Overlay:  Linda Roddis

2 thoughts on “Combat Fatigue

  1. I am honoured and humbled by your words Rita. It always amazes me how the words I write can touch another, who writes yet more to touch others still… what a magical, wonderful, interconnected world we live in 🙂 “within, always within” resonates so deeply with me. Thank you for this


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