Great Blue Heron on beach  no poem cropped for bus cards



Last evening my friend and I met over dinner at a restaurant at the Edmonds Marina, in the Seattle area, USA.  We were surrounded by the sea and by another sea of blue and green and 12’s.  This town is electric with football right now.  But the seahawk is not the only seabird which graces our shores.

The Great Blue Heron is an ever-present witness of vigilance and solitary self-reliance.  We had come together to plan the first gathering of the Spirit of the Great Blue Heron, an intentional liturgical gathering of persons who have experienced rejection by and alienation from institutional religions.  They seek healing and renewed spirituality.  Our hope is to create a safe environment where the Spirit can free each one to connect with sacred presence, however they experience it.  As we begin, most but not all participants are from the LGBTQ community.  Half of all donations will go to causes which aide LGBTQ teenagers.

Here’s the extraordinary synchronicity:  While we ate and discerned, seven large Great Blue Herons perched atop the marina roof below us, as if holding vigil and blessing the gathering in their name.  Honestly.  It happened.

Stirring the Waters

Pieces of my soul have been banished
To distant islands in the water of my life
Where no shark can catch the scent of blood-letting.
Torpid remnants of miscarried experiences
Are cast away, not cleanly cut
As Tibetan Buddhists
Dismember their dead to honor life.
These are rejected out of fear of life.

The Spirit of the Great Blue Heron
Weeps for the missing pieces and waits
For the time to stir the healing waters.
No meek dove, this Spirit.
She lifts her mighty frame forward
On thunderous wings
And with keen eyes fixed on the fractured pieces
She clasps them in her powerful beak
And brings them home.

What was separated is seamed
Pieces to Peace.

© rita h kowats 2015

10 thoughts on “Synchronicity

  1. This is great, Rita! You must be on the right track to have such affirmation from the cosmos. Love it! Sonja

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  2. As always, with greatest thanks Rita. My goal this year is to focus on synchronicitiy… it seems synchronicity supports synchronicity! I am learning so much more about it – and appreciative for this other lesson, of how your own synchronicity has intersected with mine


    • I have come to believe that what is called “God” is the point of connection. For example, an ocean doesn’t seem to be separating us, and the more consciously people live the more profoundly they connect. I think that is sacred.


  3. Wonderful! Love your new adventure! Very much needed for those who have been rejected by so much in their lives. What amazing souls to choose that path! Truly the strongest of the strong. Lovely poem too. We have a grey heron who visits us often on our farm, he gifted us with a great long feather last year.


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