The aging seer sits
Cradling the vision of her diminishing body
Acknowledging its changing landscape
Embracing the inevitability of its transition.

In youth the vision repels us- if we were to see it.
In middle age we glimpse it fleetingly from the corner of our eye
And quickly squeeze shut before it sees us.Elderspace soul card

In Elderspace
We listen intently to the universe chant
Its invitation to return.
Nurturing the vision,
We hold it fast to the spirit it enfolds.

When universe beckons,
Spent body bounds toward
Potential mystery.

© rita h kowats 2014




With this post I am happy to introduce the images of Deborah Koff-Chapin.  The technique Deborah has created is called “touch drawing.”  She calls them “SOULCARDS.” They  come in two decks of 60 images and can be used alone or with others as reflection tools.  They have enriched my meditation for years and have helped those I companion with.  You can learn more at Deborah’s webpage www.soulcards.com

Used with permission from the artist.

2 thoughts on “Elderspace

    • I’m glad you see that, Mo. I feel that way too. Aside from it’s challenges (because of them?) This life stage is the best for me. I made up “Elderspace.” I wasn’t sure what I meant by it until the poem was finished.

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