Old Wounds

labyrinthWe have all been treated unjustly in our lives.  We deal with it squarely, analyze the situation, feel the feelings, sort through what is real and what is not, confront it if we can and move on.  And those times come back to haunt us.  This poem emerged from an invitation today to return to them:


Old Wounds



* Short story by Ernest Hemmingway, perhaps about hospitality.

photo credit: Yavuz Alper via photopin cc


6 thoughts on “Old Wounds

  1. Thanks, Rita, for this poem.  I sure can relate and appreciate your way with the words to describe the experience.  Love, Polly

    I think you said the other day that you had responded to comments I had made about your postings.  I’ve not gotten emails at pjdruffel@yahoo.com  from you lately, so I’m wondering if I should be looking elsewhere.   Polly


    • Thank you much. Ii didn’t know (consciously) that it was Wold Day of Forgiveness. Be well. I’m grateful for your faithful journey with me.

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