Soul Storms: The Irradiance of Spirit

aurora borealis in Norway Many moments of synchronicity lately have focused my attention on the phenomenon of the aurora borealis.  One short film from the PBS film festival left me gasping from the beauty of it all.  The film is entitled, “I Am the Aurora Hunter.”  I have embedded another video below of the Northern Lights in Alaska. To grow spiritually, we must be brave enough to expose ourselves to a powerful wind which can shake loose the static energy of our souls and free us to make a holy collision with the auras of our souls.   The Book of Genesis pulls us into the vortex of the creation story with a description of “a mighty wind sweeping over the waters” (Gen. 1:2).  The Hebrew word for wind in this passage is ruah, which refers to Spirit and wind interchangeably.  This mighty wind has hovered over our universe since before time, waiting for opportunities to collide with us.  Just as geomagnetic storms can expand the zone of the aurora borealis to lower altitudes, the Wind of the Spirit can snatch us up when conditions are optimal. The aurora borealis is most vivid at the equinoxes and we are most conductive of spiritual energy when our lives are in balance.  This autumn equinox (Sept. 23) hold a promise of vivid cascading aurora for me if I stay faithful to my practice of watching which way the wind is blowing.   Photo Credit: hoto credit: Håkon Iversen Photog – On and off Flickr via photopin cc

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