Geek Spirituality: Happy Twenty Fifth Anniversary, Internet!

internet cloud

On this twenty-fifth anniversary of the birth of the internet, it is so tempting to write a scathing assessment of how it has left us spiritually bankrupt, but I won’t.  Instead, because I am a geek decked out in pseudo-holy garb, I’ll say this:

Thank you…

– for the opportunity to realize and monitor a tendency toward addiction.

– for the realization that looking a Dell laptop in the eye is not the same as intimacy with real people.

– for the brilliance of Saint Google who tells me how to fix OS 8.1 before I abandon my vow of nonviolence.

-for connecting me to amazing souls throughout the world who dance the dance of the Universe with me, and return me to myself.

– for awakening us to our duty toward the common good, and connecting us in acts of justice.

– for offering our children the opportunity to learn compassion through their research.

– for those who work toward universal access to the internet, toward a level playing field for all.

– for the availability of the spiritual masters and the great scriptures of humankind available in the public domain.

– for the gift of intelligence and creativity that gave us this gift.

Happy Anniversary….

May we use you consciously and with right conscience.

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