Community In The Blogosphere


Hearts fractured by death, separation, sickness, adversity.  Hearts seamed and soldered.  Hearts held intact by personal courage and the solidarity of the human spirit.  I experience all of this today as I meander through the WP Reader.  I am deeply moved by the depth of pain and bloggers’ responses to it.  Expectations of joy abound at this season.  Sorrow is often unwelcome, yet, the courageous expression of it bears witness to the heart of humanity.  The willingness to acknowledge our pain and live through it to the other side, is incarnation.

Walking together through our diverse experiences of Christmas has been one of the most profound expressions of community I have had.  I feel supported in my own experience by people whom I don’t really know, because our humanity unites us.  When bloggers share their experience with integrity and conviction, it tells their readers that they are not alone.  Today I breathe in community and release isolation.  I am proud to be on this human journey with you.  Merry Christmas!

Breathing in, I put on peace.
Breathing out, I release anxiety.
Breathing in, I embrace community.
Breathing out, I release isolation.

6 thoughts on “Community In The Blogosphere

  1. i’m glad to read of your experience!
    the blogosphere does express the best, worst
    and mundane of those ready, willing and able to share.
    and in that, I too, find community and humanity.
    wonderful meditation 🙂


  2. very, very nice. this is a wonderful and accurate expression of what this whole blogging thing really is – a community where we are accepted and our experience can be communicated openly when it cannot in our more immediate community. nicely done.


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