The Stranger

The Stranger

With unseeing eyes
Hollowed from a dozen
Imposters’ faces,
I squint at the emerging
Traversing regally through
My life.

Each counterfeit countenance conveys
A piece of the truth, and
“The play is the thing
Wherein I’ll catch
The conscience of the King.”
A questionable cast of characters all:
Control.  Fear.  Manipulation…

Curtain call
Brings them all on stage.
Kudos and bravos for
Truth learned and support loaned.
They fade with dimming lights and
The Stranger takes center stage,
Hostage no more.

© rita h kowats 2013

9 thoughts on “The Stranger

    • I am grateful for your response, Carrie. It consoles me to befriend the counterfeit faces as necessary but temporary components of our human experience.

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      • You are welcome, Rita. I know that what we resist persists. Befriending them generally helps them move on…and we stand, fear-less in full heart, love power!


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