Sophie: The Hound From Heaven


Poem Challenge from
“Write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured in this post as your inspiration.


She waited sixty-one years
For me to notice her, my
Unseeing eyes glimpsing life aslant
Through the fingers of her wing.
Rolled eyes and sophomoric sighs of,  “WhatEVer,”
Every time I failed to notice her:

Water running in the sink,
Memory off on holiday outside, but…
No overflow.

Weary of waiting
She startles me with a
Brush of wings across the nose
And a celestial song in my ear.
Anonymity be damned,
She sends the message,
“See me!”

Cat asleep on the bed,
Transported to Elysian realms.
My gaze wanders to a corner, and
There you are,
Wafting in midair with energetic wings
Covering your face now,
Then stretching full spread.
fear-fueled awe gives way to
Sheer wordless joy, and
I feel the sound of her voice:
“Ah, at last, she sees.”

Steadfast Being, Sophie:
Seer and trickster
Protector and friend:
I see you.

© rita h. kowats

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