Fire on Thanksgiving Day


We are each planted with a spark of light.
Each life is like a fire.
We must take care of that light.
Feed it.
Do not let passions for anything we find delight in
Rage and consume us
In any small or large manner
Or we will dim the fire.
It is made of the love of our parents
And ancestors.


It is lit by the Divine within everyone.
We must take care of it.
We each carry light into the world,
Every small and large being.
We share the light with every
Small and large act of compassion.
Laughter and joy make it dance
Beyond time.
What will we leave the day as a gift
Of remembrance and thankfulness?
c Joy Harjo November 6, 2013 Grand Rapids, MI dark and rainy

“This is Joy Harjo’s ongoing journal of dreams, stories, poems,music, photographs, and assorted reports from her inner and outer travels about Indian country and the rest of the world .”

Let us, this Thanksgiving Day, tender the embers of love in our lives.  And as we love and honor love, let us be mindful of our history of domination in the world, and give thanks for all the good that we have inherited from native peoples.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

5 thoughts on “Fire on Thanksgiving Day

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