Love In Absentia


For ten years
I stepped and misstepped
In and out of the
Craters of your absence,
Tangled in the tidewrack of
Your memory.

You married
Someone else and
The tidewrack tangled
Around wounds not yet congealed,
In craters not yet sealed .

Twenty-nine years of
High tides and low tides have
Closed the craters now.
Tidewrack washes ashore to be sure,
But it doesn’t stay.
While you must be coupled,
I must be solitary.  Your gift to me
Is your absence, wherein I found
My Self.

© rita h kowats

14 thoughts on “Love In Absentia

    • Thanks Alex. I think when we see our self reflected in the love another has for us, we learn what self love can be.

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    • Thank you so much. It does help to put fomative experiences in a form we can take out and look at…after 29 years!

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  1. I love the way you have used the word ‘crater’… clearly reflects the depth and hollowness.. absolutely beautiful!


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