Spider Webs and Survival

Soul Survival

Day eleven of oppressive, dense fog across the Seattle area.  I broke loose to look for something uplifting.  Pun intended.  A young tree wrapped in a myriad of spider webs caught my eye, and immediately my light-starved spirit waxed eloquently about the wonder of the webs, profoundly reminiscent of interconnectivity, community, and networks.  Arriving home, curiosity prevailed, and I asked Saint Google to send a National Geographic video which I hoped would unveil all possible spiritual analogies to spider webs. Reality ensued.  I had forgotten what ingenious traps of deception they were.  Spider webs ensure the spider’s survival! They catch victims and eat them.

Still, the poet in me couldn’t resist an analogy.  To survive spiritually, humans don’t need deception.  We can choose to feed on altruism in its many manifestations.

Soul Survival

Some souls
Cast silk threads,
Sticky with the nectar of
Compassion and Forgiveness,
Dangling drops of affirmation
Queued up to plunk down on
Ravenous visitors.

The magnetic threads dance
A three-step vibration,
Pulling the visitors into
The expectant vortex,
Where they feast at the
Resplendent table.

Interlaced souls survive
To cast threads
Another day, another place.

© rita h kowats 2013

spider alone

7 thoughts on “Spider Webs and Survival

      • I have remembered a story about Alexander the Great from my childhood. The legendary conqueror observed the persistence it takes for a spider to complete its web. I’ve seen this in the gardens this Fall. Sometimes the spiders are literally hanging by a thread; but when I check back later the web is finished. It seems like a monumental feat. And yes, webs are beautiful when they are dew-covered and drenched in sunlight.


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