“United We Stand, Divided We Fall”: A New Twist

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I used to raise consciousness at a navy subase about the violence inherent in possessing and using nuclear weapons.  Weekly, a worker drove through into the base as I passed out leaflets.  His truck carried a rifle rack and he looked straight ahead, never acknowledging my presence.  I was convinced that he was an irreconcilable “redneck” who surely hated this “bleeding heart liberal.”  One day he seemed different.  His despondence was palatable.  I responded to it by blurting out, “How are you?”  He shouted back, “How am I?  I’m terrible.  How else would I be having to go in there every day and do what I have to do?”  I had reduced him to my erroneous perception of him.  In the spirit of today’s Eckhart quote, I would say I had divided him from his true self by dwelling on what I thought to be his flaws.  Not exactly following the call to love God with my whole heart, and my neighbor as myself.

As human beings we seem destined to make judgments about one another.  Nothing alarming about it- it’s the human condition; however, when we choose to dwell on the flaws of others until that’s all we see- it divides us from our own best self, from the other, and from God.  We are all more than our flaws.

My meditation birthed this prayer.  If it speaks to you too, I thank the Spirit:

Undivided Heart Prayer

4 thoughts on ““United We Stand, Divided We Fall”: A New Twist

  1. Thank you. It’s a great reminder when one is in a job requiring to dance the fine line between assessment and judgement. Fortunately, the veteran patients I serve frequently challenge those initial perceptions as they are often not what they appear, challenging my “judgements” disguised as assessments. I will keep your prayer in mind.


    • The word “assessment ” is helpful to me, because in our daily lives we’re fools if we don’t assess…How else can we maintain healthy boundaries? I know when I’ve entered judgment by the emotional storm swirling inside me. That’s when it’s time to ask myself, “What is my need here?” Thanks, Gwyn.

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  2. Thank you Rita for reminding me to grow my compassion, not my judgements. This came at a time when I needed that.


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