God’s Delight

“God laughs and plays.”  Meister Eckhart

In a documentary about nonviolent resistance to racism, called, “Not in Our Town,” one scene always disarms me with its simplicity.  Isaac, a seven-yr.-old Jewish boy, had his bedroom window and his heart broken because someone threw a brick at the Hanukah menorah he had colored and displayed there.  A few days later his next-door neighbor and classmate, knocked at his door and presented him with a menorah which she and her mother had colored.  Then the newspaper ran a full-page picture of a menorah, and urged people to stand in solidarity with Isaac’s family by displaying the menorah in their windows.  The skinheads soon left Billings MT.

When Meister Eckhart says, “God laughs and plays,” he refers to the joy that God experiences when human beings do “good deeds,” spontaneous acts of unconditional love.  Not because they feel obliged to follow political correctness, but because it’s right.  It’s the truly human thing to do.  Our good deeds delight God because they are acts of ecstasy in which we momentarily stand outside of our ego and give expression to our Self.  God looks into the mirror of our good deeds and laughs with sheer joy.

May we evoke giggles galore

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